3 WordPress Plugins That Will Aid Your Article Sharing

by Holly Holloway on

One of the ways of ensuring a continuous flow of traffic to your site or blog, is by your users sharing your articles. Of course, producing high-quality content is an integral part of this process. However, your content, no matter how high-quality it may be, if it is not shareable, it stands no chance of maximizing its true potential when it comes to traffic generation. Below are the top 5 plugins that will greatly increase your ability to share your articles.

1. Digg Digg: It features a nice-looking share bar to the left of your articles and it floats downward as you scroll. Of course, if you dont want the sliding bar, you can decide to place the share buttons at the beginning or end of your articles. Its also worthy of note, that Digg Digg also features newer social media platforms like Buffer and Pinterest. How does this help? Well, recent research has shown that well placed share buttons are 7 times more likely to be shared compared to traditional or neglected ones. This is what Digg Digg offers you.

2. Simple Reach: This is another amazing WordPress plugin you should definitely have. If youve read the New York Times before, you will notice that mid-way into the article, a small suggestion box pops-up, telling you to read another similar article on the same site, the plugin responsible for that is SimpleReach. Does that work? Well, you may be surprised but it does! According to Eric Kim, the founder of SimpleReach company, the plugin witnesses a 3-4% click rate every time it pops up and this is way higher than what traditional advertising banners ever achieve. The principal advantage of this is that it keeps readers on your site for a longer period of time and in the process, you begin to stock-up faithful readers, who will visit your site again and again

3. W3 Total Cache: This is a plugin that enhances the performance of your website by making it run faster. According to the producers, the plugin has the capability of speeding up your website by ten times. How is this important for sharing? Well, when it comes to internet stuff, speed can be everything. Your readers are more likely to visit your site, stay on it and share your articles if your site runs fast. But if your site is slow, then you may experience higher bounce rates and a lot less shares.

Written by: Holly Holloway