What Are 5 Popular Trends In Web Design?

by Holly Holloway on

A creative field, web design demands a lot of innovation and ingenuity. Trends in web designing are constantly evolving and changing. With the use of innovation and newer technologies, the chance to create functional and unique websites have become more possible. Find out about 5 popular trends in web designing.

Custom illustrations

Illustrations can add one-of-a-kind visuals to any website. Playful and friendly illustrations are effective and simple ways to make your website more fun. A qualified illustrator can create unique designs easily, which can be fully customized to match the image of the brand. Using custom illustrations can make a website stand out, and custom header images and iconography can be used all through a site.

Bold typography

Using big, beautiful and bold typography can create an appropriate image and tone, and evoke the best emotions. When screen resolutions are sharper, text on-screen can be more convenient to read. This can make it easier for you to design handcrafted typography unique to any other type of design. It is highly advantageous to use dynamic text along with image layering and parallax scrolling.

Minimalist navigation

Users on the web look for navigation that is intuitive, simple and minimalist. They look for a streamlined and direct entry point that can offer detailed information sans any confusion regarding the content and the website in general. Users can see a visually appealing card rather than the standard homepage. There can be multiple cards in the website that can help visitors choose a topic or heading that he likes. Website visitors generally like to click on topics that are recommended, which can create a positive impression about your brand or business.

Authentic photography

Websites that are created with authentic photography can establish your brand and make it look very attractive. Many website owners are using more effort and thought into the website imagery rather than simply depending on stock photos that can easily be understood as unoriginal.

Mobile-first approach

Many websites are being created with responsive designs to make them easily accessible and displayable on mobile phones. Web designers take the small screen size of mobile phones into account while creating mobile-responsive web designs. Although the small screen means limitation in the amount of information or content that is displayed to users, web designers attempt to show the core message to the targeted audience. Web designers still make sites for larger screens, but use a mobile-first approach.

Written by: Holly Holloway