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How To Update WordPress Securely Every Time

by Holly Holloway on

That's why, in this post, we cover the five considerations you should remember when it concerns installing WordPress updates. Follow these and you'll have the ability to upgrade every time without harming your website's performance!

1. Back Up Your Site Frequently (and Before Updating Anything).

To prevent any worry of an update damaging your website, make certain to support your website before you set up any updates.

Software that Helps you conduct Business

by Holly Holloway on

In order for you to conduct business today in a professional money then you will need to use appropriate software. Software will also save you time and money. There are different types of software and each carry out a specific function. When it comes to accounting you can use QuickBooks or


One of the most recognized names in small business accounting, QuickBooks offers both desktop and online versions (depending on the needs of your company and the experience of your team members), you may prefer one over the other.