Gopro Karma Accessories That You May Need To Purchase

by Holly Holloway on

Although GoPro cameras have been used on drones for many years, the company decided to change the game by creating their own drone. This is called the GoPro Karma and is one of the more advanced, as well as compact, drones that you can use. In the same way that people will purchase iPhones because of the Apple name, this seems to be the case with the GoPro Karma, gaining almost instant popularity. Here is a little bit of information about this drone, and also an overview of the many GoPro Karma accessories that are available today.

Quick Overview Of The GoPro Karma

Catering to their desire to create the perfect products for people that love the outdoors and extreme sports, the GoPro Karma has really changed the landscape of the drone industry. It incorporates GoPro’s stabilization technology, allowing you to capture amazingly smooth footage whether you are capturing images or video. One of the benefits of this particular product is that it comes with its own uniquely designed carrying case, allowing the drone to fit in this ultracompact casing. It folds down into this very lightweight carrying case, something that you can carry by the handle, or wear on your back until you get to your location. It is designed so that both adults and children can easily figure out how to get it flying. For people that have flown drones before, they will definitely see it has advanced performance capabilities.

GoPro Karma Accessories

It’s also possible for other people to control your drone using the GoPro Passenger App which will be released in October 2016. This is going to work flawlessly with the new Hero5 cameras that have just come out including the Black and Session models. It is also recommended that you use the compact Karma Controller which give you a game style console for flight and camera control. The Karma case is perfectly built to house this drone. You can also put in another accessory called the Karma Grip. It is something that can hold your GoPro camera, allowing you to hold it and control it from the handle, or attach it using the gear mountable part of this device. Once you have all of these accessories, you will be able to pack everything up, go hiking or bike riding, or even take a trip down to the beach so that you can start filming everything on your way there, and once you arrive getting the best aerial shots possible.

Once you start to use any of the products from GoPro, you will be able to see what all of the fuss is about. They literally make the best products in the world when it comes to outdoor recreation and fun. Once you have the Karma, you will definitely want to invest in GoPro Karma to complete this package and make it possible for you and your friends to have fun using this advanced drone package that everyone should have.

Written by: Holly Holloway